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Eco Bean II - Funboard

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SIZES - 5'6 / 5'8 / 5'10 / 6'0 and 6'2 are PRE-ORDER ONLY - expected shipping after 10/07/2020

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Product Description

The Eco Bean delivers unprecedented strength with Vessel’s unique Carbon Infusion Technology.

The newly introduced carbon helps disperse flex and control points where it counts. As a result these hybrid funboards paddle and catch waves with ease and perform like a performance shortboard, especially in smaller conditions. 

Equipped with a very deep double concave through its fins, the Eco Bean glides through flat sections and accelerates rapidly when needed. The extra volume and medium rails give this board plenty of paddle power, making it the best board you will ever surf in small waves. If the waves are small, you won't want to be riding anything else.

The all new Eco Bean 2 has been upgraded with the latest S*LAB technologies. Featuring 3K carbon wrap, a bamboo eco deck and carbon infused cloth this little beauty has been designed to hold up whilst you have fun.

If the waves are small, you won't want to be riding anything else.

Best suited for Beginners to Experienced users who want unmatched paddle power and performance


Length Width Thickness Volume
4'8 20 1/4 2 1/16 23.3L
5'0  20 3/4 2 1/8 25.6L
5'2 21 2 3/4 29.8L
5'4 21 1/2 2 3/4 33L
5'6 22 2  5/8 36.6L
5'8 22  1/4 2  3/4 39.9L
5'10 22  1/2 2  7/8 43.4L
6'0 23 3 47.6L
6'2 23 3  1/4 52.9L
6'6 23  1/4 3  1/4 56.4L


Weight Beginner Intermediate Advanced
< 50KG 6'0 5'2 4'8
50-60KG 6'0 5'4 5'0
60-70KG 6'2 5'6 5'2
70-80KG 6'2 5'8 5'4
80-90KG 6'6 5'10 5'6
90-100KG 6'6 6'0 5'8
100-110KG N/A 6'2 6'0
> 110KG  N/A 6'6 6'2


Specification Description
Construction EPS Foam / Carbon deck/rails + bamboo + 3/4 carbon strip + 4oz deck / 6oz + 4oz bottom
Rocker Low entry
Concave Single to Double
Skill Level Beginner/Intermediate - Intermediate
Rail Type Soft 40/60
Fin Configuration 5 Fin Configuration
Twin Tab
Complimentary Fins 3 Fin (Thruster) TSBW Starter Fin Set
Tail Type Round
Care Instructions View a copy of our Product Care Manual
Board Advice Learn more about Board Types, Construction and Specifications here

Product Reviews

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  1. My new go to for small waves.

    Posted by Jack buerckner on 29th Apr 2020

    Fast delivery and great service! Honestly it's an amazing board so easy to paddle and impossible not to have fun with.

  2. Heaps of Fun

    Posted by Shane on 20th Apr 2020

    I'm 40, 6 foot and 78 kilos. Pretty crappy surfer. Have a few different boards. Shortie 6foot 32litre for bigger waves. A favourite hybrid fish and an 8 footer fun board that is no longer fun. Bought the 6ft2 specifically to replace the 8 footer. The eco, She slides straight into the back of the Ute. No more strapping to the roof. Although only 6.2. Its no shortie. Packed with volume this thing is a struggle to duck dive but can catch a ripple. Perfect for 1 to 2 foot waves I bought it for. Really surprised how fast it is. Very stable under foot, you could get very lazy. Enough rocker and small enough for punchy shorebreak waves, though if it's over 2 foot there are better boards. Definitely fits well in any quiver. Go get one.

  3. great board fast delivery

    Posted by brad on 4th Mar 2020

    excellent board probably one of the best boards ive ever owned my surfing has improved so much since buying a eco bean 2 would highly recommend

  4. Happy old(ish) fat(ish) bloke

    Posted by Simon on 26th Oct 2019

    I’m an intermediate surfer at best - 6’1 and 98kg - went for the 6’2 - I was looking to come back to a short board again after pretty much giving up on them the last few years . First surf I went for the thruster set up and it felt too loose and a bit tweaky but I nearly did my first ever 180 slide skate move (by accident) so there’s a positive. I switched to the quad set up and it felt much better for me with more drive and bite to build speed . It’s taken several surfs to find the sweet spot, but I took it out last night in tiny surf just to get wet and the true nature of this board showed itself. I was easily getting into waves (so much so I just started paddling for stuff I’d never bother with just to see if I could and it did it as easily as my 8ft Mal) , was able to keep up with tiny weak sections, and and crack a couple of turns . It’s an out and out star in small surf. I think it will get a bit unhappy (as am I these days) in anything too critical or too big (maybe over 5ft). The guys on the phone were patient while I um’d and ahh’d for a few weeks in what board to get and the postage was prompt and well packed. Thanks. Happy camper here.

  5. Sick little board

    Posted by Dave on 22nd Oct 2019

    I’ve had the chance to ride this board in a range of conditions from one ft to 5 ft and while it was definitely maxed out in 5ft it did great in everything else. Originally I wanted an ultra grovel board but I think I ordered too small a board for this at 5’8’’ when I’m 6’4 and 97kg. Also I think it has a tiny bit too much rocker up front for surfing super small mush. That said in one foot walls you can get crazy speed and make sections you would never expect to make, come off the bottom and smak the lip or carve a big cutty.
    All in all very happy!!

  6. 1 to 3 FT

    Posted by Dennis Berry on 29th Jul 2019

    I grabbed a 6.2 version, Im 6ft2 and 95kg, Takes a few surfs to get use to for sure, until you find the sweet spots with it, good for the small days, easy paddler, trims nicely , a little less weight could throw it up from 4 to 5 star, added to my quiver of regular short boards for small day fun. Construction wise I think it last a life time.

  7. So dope

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jun 2019

    Great board for me. Plenty of volume fast little board but did expect it to be a little light. Still amazing.

  8. Ride the Bean

    Posted by Paul on 15th May 2019

    This is the second board lve purchased. A great little board. Paddles fast and is very manoeuvrable. Took around three surfs to feel really comfortable with the Bean 2. A fantastic purchase. Keep up the great service and thanks to everyone at SW.

  9. Best in the West

    Posted by Will on 1st May 2019

    Best suited board for me ever. Improved my surfing on the 6’2 in the last 6 mnts more then I have in the last 10 years. Wave count went from F all to wave hog ( sorry not sorry). Considering getting a 5’10 next time . Although 6 mnts of heavy use and hasn’t got a dent on it

  10. Great little board..

    Posted by Dave on 7th Apr 2019

    The first surf I thought I had made a mistake....Second surf starting to really like it....Think it may end up being my go to board except when the surf is big.
    Purchased the travel cover, grip, leggy and wax package.

  11. Most fun Board I've ever ridden

    Posted by Sean on 18th Mar 2019

    Came within 3 days of ordering and it goes like a rocket! So easy to paddle and turns beautifully

  12. Back on the short board

    Posted by Dave on 6th Mar 2019

    Ive been off a short board for 20 or so years, and not a real lot on the mals either.
    Thought Id give the 6 ft 6 eco bean a try.( Im 6 ft 2 and 100kgs)
    Tricky at first as you could imagine.
    But managing to get quite a few.
    Its so much easier to get back out, rather than the Mal, when the waves are a bit challenging.
    Id forgotten the feel of a short board ( maneuverability speed etc) , so this is just perfect.
    I have to say I am really really happy with purchase. great to be back on the shorty. Great value for money too.

  13. Little Pocket Rocket

    Posted by Aaron on 2nd Mar 2019

    Bought this board on a Saturday night, arrived in Newcastle on the Tuesday.
    Ive ridden performance boards since the 80's so the transition to this was a bit clunky for the first 2 surfs. 3rd surf I fell in love with this board. I got the 5'8. Very fast, loose little thing. So much fun. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is that its slightly heavier than I was expecting. That aside, the Eco Bean is killer. Super happy with my purchase.

  14. Fun board

    Posted by Graham on 17th Jan 2019

    I bought this board for a trip to Sunshine Coast from NZ, Air NZ had changed their oversize baggage length allowance to 2m and I couldn't take the 6'10 fish I'd planned to. I was going to hire a mini mal but decided to buy a 6'2" eco bean instead as it had the volume I wanted, had good reviews, I could take it home with me, and as a bonus it looks good too. I hadn't surfed a board this short for decades and it was so much fun. Paddles like a mini mal but you can throw it around a lot more and I found the big thick tail to be quite skatey which was great fun.

  15. The best board I’ve ever ridden

    Posted by Larni on 19th Dec 2018

    So much fun!!! Just had a hip replacement so wanted to treat myself to something with a bit more volume to ease myself back into surfing. I’m 20, 5’8, about 65 kgs, female. Bought the 5’8 and can say I’ve never had more fun surfing. Paddles like an absolute dream, and can catch every wave I go for! Don’t think I’ll ever want to ride another board again.

  16. Keen as the bean

    Posted by Sam on 18th Dec 2018

    Looks the goods light weight great design this my second board from the surf warehouse and will be buying more in the future thank you tweed heads team


    Posted by Sean on 10th Dec 2018

    First of all the board came on day 3 after placing the order before lunch day 1 which was amazing. I got it a day before my birthday so these guys are super efficient on the logistics front. It arrived in perfect nick. I did pay for the extra insurance. Before I purchased the board I spoke to about 3 different guys and they were all super helpful and knew their stuff. I was really worried about the size because I have never had a board this shape before, I was after a shortboard with the floating power of a longboard. I am 5'9" weight around 75-80kg (52 years of age) intermediate surfer and I decided to get a 6' because I wanted heaps of buoyancy coming from an 8' mini mal, I also ride a short 6'4' customer performance board but only in 4 foot + surf. I was worried I was going to have issues duck diving but after getting out in the water no issues at all, I love the size. I am just waiting on a new set of quad glass fins but overall it was a lot of fun to ride. I manage to get a bunch of waves at Cronulla competing with a bunch of 9 foot plus mals so super happy about that. I can see myself always using this board as my first choice for anything under 5' surf and once I get a set of quads on it I would consider it to be my everytime board because of its versatility. Thanks guys good work.

  18. Super fun Eco bean

    Posted by Hugo on 16th Nov 2018

    I already have a RPM from you guys, which I'm very happy with, but was looking for something for the summer slop :-(. Great delivery as before. The Eco bean is so much fun. Easy to paddle, cruises into waves and so easy to throw around. I'm 6'1", 90kg and went for the 5'10", 43.4 litres, which is more than enough board. Great value. Looks great. Highly recommended. +++AAA

  19. Great Board Speedy Delivery

    Posted by Chris on 25th Sep 2018

    Bought on sunday night. At my door in Newcastle on tuesday. Awesome value board with super speedy delivery. Very impressive! Thanks guys!

  20. Fun Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Posted by Brodie Trebley on 27th Jul 2018

    Delivery within a week! Package like glass (beautiful and safe)
    First session I couldn’t get off it, was out for three hours! Just got a rear set of fins to try it in quad can’t bloody wait!

  21. Fast delivery well packaged

    Posted by Eamon Bull on 25th Jul 2018

    Great board. Can't wait to use it. Extremely fast delivery to my door. Very well packed.

  22. Very happy

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Jul 2018

    Great board looks awesome with the bamboo finish. Shipping was quick and the crew from the Surf board warehouse were very helpful and informative as where im currently living has a very hard mailing system in place but they made it easy for me. Stoked

  23. Eco Bean 2 = fun

    Posted by Craig on 21st Apr 2018

    Great service by SW, the eco bean 2 is a super fun board and can handle any condition. Nice shape, is a bit wider then my usuals but is a load of fun and can turn on a dime too. Easy to paddle and you can get the speed up on it. Great price and fast delivery, packed well and arrives in mint condition. Thank you SW.

  24. Great board

    Posted by Tim on 15th Feb 2018

    Arrived quick and in perfect condition. Set it up as a quad a o easy to paddle and catch waves. Super fast on the smallest waves heaps of fun. Would be great to have the option of upgrading fins rather than buying new ones and throwing out the ones it comes with

  25. Awesome fun!

    Posted by Rashid on 27th Jan 2018

    Best fun I've ever had surfing on this board. Great customer service from the team at Surfboard Warehouse too - had a few questions before I purchased and they were more than helpful!

  26. Unreal

    Posted by John on 17th Jan 2018

    Took a leap of faith and bought this. First proper surf on it today. Like to think i am well and truly in the intermediate level now days and this thing was perfect for me. Felt like i caught 4 times as many waves as i normally do on my loved 6.8. It gets onto wave you dont even realise you are on and turns on a dime. Just get one. Made much steeper drops than i was expecting too. Where I live cant see me needing anything else 90 percent of the time. P.s service great and packaged super well

  27. Impressive!!

    Posted by Scott on 16th Jan 2018

    My Bean turned up undamaged, earlier than expected and was packed to a high standard.
    Very impressed with the quality for the price.
    The EcoBean II surfs great and paddles like a dream.
    Went with the Bean instead of a longboard, happy with my choice.

  28. Great board, excellent service

    Posted by Damo on 14th Dec 2017

    Ordered the board and it arrived in a week. Packaged up very well!

  29. Fun times

    Posted by Paul on 5th Dec 2017

    The ecobean is a fun little board that works on any wave. No paddlng issues and quick across the wave. And it can lie flat in the car with the tail in the hatchback and nose between the front seats - sweet!

  30. Feed the bean

    Posted by Carel on 4th Oct 2017

    I'm a beginner surfer that decided to buy this board because of its awesome dimensions. First day was a bit rough paddling out in the ocean with 5' - 6' waves and I just could not understand the board. Second day was a bit smaller and cleaner waves and I literally FED the BEAN with some awesome waves and paddling was also pretty easy and learned so much.
    Cant wait to get back in the water and I highly recommend this board!!

  31. Great small wave board

    Posted by Dave Buenaonda on 24th Jul 2017

    I have owned a baked potato for over 2 years with similar dimensions. I was looking for something similar and gave a try to the eco bean. It is as light as the BP, goes as fast but i reckon it turns a bit better and it is muchore forgiving on hollow takeoffs.
    Overall i am very happy and would absolutely recommend it!

  32. Heaps of fun

    Posted by Gray on 18th Jul 2017

    I'm a 6', 80kg intermediate surfer and purchased a 5'8 Ecobean II on a whim. I've purchased a few boards from the surfboard warehouse before so there was no question of quality but I was a bit dubious about the size being too small. First time in the water I was shocked at how easy this thing paddles into even the smallest waves, absolutely astonishing!
    I had to play around with the fin configuration and after trying quads and twins from several brands I finally settled on a set of Inertia Fins thrusters. It's quite a skatey board so the thrusters gave it that much needed hold.

    I sometimes ride it as a twin also but it can get a bit hairy as the swell gets a little bigger. In my opinion thruster is the way to go.

    Seriously fun board! Once you are used to controlling the sharp turns and digging the rail you will have a whale of a time! Worth every penny even at full price.

    Don't hesitate!

  33. Flicking the bean!

    Posted by Sunshine on 12th Jul 2017

    Come one, come all! This board is insane. 5'4 paddles great for my 80kg frame and turns on a dime. Has made me fall in love with surfing all over again. Cheers lads

  34. Fins - Twin is the best

    Posted by Big Al on 25th May 2017

    Twin or Twin and knubster is by far the best setup. Using Mark Richards extra large Twins and it squirts speed and turns easily. Try it - you wont believe the difference .... like a new board.

  35. Dont get a Mal - get a Bean

    Posted by Big Al on 23rd May 2017

    Currently 108kg, 2 mtr tall and ride small boards. Wanted a Mal in short package. Love it. Fast, wide tail for easy foot placement. I will be buying another for holiday house so have one at both places.

  36. The best little ripper you could ever buy for half the price

    Posted by Drew Dub on 15th Apr 2017

    absolutely love this board, as soon as i saw it for the first time out of the box i knew it is going to be fast with the thick rails, loose as with the fat ass it has which i love large round tails, i,m 5'8 and bought a 5'10 and it is perfect for the Indo islands that i,m taking it to and shred it up can,t wait, Highly recommend this Company, postal service, price, products, alround cool and well made. Cheers Heaps

  37. Paddles like a mal, ride like a skateboard

    Posted by Peter on 27th Feb 2017

    Paddles like a mal - rides like a skateboard. I am 59 years young (93kilos) and yes I still ride a pointy board. Been on my own designed 5' 9'' small wave board for a while (standard board is a 6'6'' J S) but have been working out on the Tooheys diet and have bulked up a bit of late, so my small waver don't float so good. First time I have gambled on buying a board unseen but after watching the accompanying video liked the look of the eco bean. Bought a 6' 2'' and had a quad setup first ride , bit slidey, put in a bigger thruster set, waxed up with some Buckshot Surf Wax from buckshotsurfcompany and away she went. Had the time of my life in average 3' to 4'. Easy to paddle on, excellent drive with the bigger fins and still stayed loose off the top and cutting back.
    Can't recommend this board enough for those smaller not so fun surfs to put a smile on your dial.

  38. Fantastic

    Posted by Aaron on 14th Feb 2017

    As a beginner and buying the wrong board to learn on i jumped on the eco bean after being reccomended by a mate and im glad i did. Super easy board to paddle and catch plenty of waves. Not to mention the super quick postage!

  39. Excellent paddler

    Posted by John on 11th Jan 2017

    I got the 6'6" for the volume, and so I could mount a hydrofoil on it. The hydrofoil requires the board to be thick in the tail, which the Eco Bean certainly is. Being so wide and thick it paddles very well and catches waves just as easily as a longboard. Once on the wave it turns easily considering the thickness and width. This board is therefore an excellent (and much shorter) alternative to a longboard. Why do people get longer and longer boards when they could get something like this.
    I'd give it five stars for all aspects,

  40. Most fun short board ever!

    Posted by Mark on 30th Aug 2016

    I have some great shortboards - a fish, a fatburner and a short thruster - this board is now my favourite - for little effort you can catch anything. I am tempted to get bigger fins as it can let go a bit more than expected but it is great fun. Do yourself a favour and get this board - great service & delivered quick in a well boxed and secure pack! Thanks

  41. Beautiful

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Aug 2016

    Have just tried it and it looks and rides great. Even looks good when you are carrying it on the beach...The ladies love it

  42. Quick delivery to Sydney. Cheers

    Posted by Travel on 2nd Jul 2016

    Really quick delivery to Sydney, cheers

  43. Great looks, value, and ride

    Posted by Jeff on 29th Jun 2016

    Why wouldn't you have a fun board in your quiver at this price? Bamboo & carbon looks rad. Paddles well and flies through sections in the small stuff. No need for a mal when you can whip this around!

  44. What a fun ride!

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Jun 2016

    Really enjoy riding this board. Great when it is small but also goes well when it gets over your head. Feels "skatie" to ride but that is part of the fun...Can set a rail on it too though. Won't regret buying one if you want to just have a fun board.

  45. Bring back the buzz ...

    Posted by Bob on 17th May 2016

    Too much fun, well crafted and easy to catch waves.

  46. Sweet Fat Board

    Posted by MC on 27th Apr 2016

    this board paddles really easily and just loves to be pumped along the line. I have surfed it in overhead waves, far beyond it's recommended parameters and it is still a heap of fun. The extra width and squash tail make it hugely flickable in small surf. thanks guys!

  47. Finally a fun board for bigger older surfers.

    Posted by Wazza on 18th Apr 2016

    Its great to finally see someone make these fun boards for bigger older guys (67 and 95kgs). This board paddles easy, catches waves easy, surfs well and is not as long as a boat! Great value and delivery service. Oh what fun and keeps you in the competition in the line up on those small days. As the years increase and some of the core strength disappears this board is part of the solution....great fun to ride and not over sized.

  48. Short board rides like a mini-mal

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Mar 2016

    Lovin' this board! Been out of surfing for about 30 years back into with a vengence. Wanted something that would float/paddle like a mini-mal and turn like a short board ; finally found it! This thing rocks,! Any ageing badly Skegheads this is what you have been looking for do yourself a favour and get one!

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