how to apply a traction pad

A traction pad will give your back foot more grip on the board. There are a few varieties of traction pads. Ensure you get the right one for you as taking them off can be very difficult.



  • Let your board sit for 12 hours after application
  • Ensure your board is dust free prior to installation
  • If your grip lifts, you can utilise "Kwik Grip"
adhesive to fix the lifted area


  • Surfboard
  • Traction Pad

Step 1:Ensure the tail area of your board is clean and dust free. Dirt and dust will affect the adhesion of your traction pad to the tail of your board

Step 2:Line the centre of your traction pad with the stringer or centre of your board so it sits directly above your rear fins

Step 3:Space out all the pieces of your traction pad across the tail section until you are happy with their positioning

Step 4:Start with the centre pad and peel off the backing

Step 5:Place the centre piece in your desired location as previously identified

Step 6:Push down on the piece of traction pad from the centre outward to ensure no air is trapped. Repeat until you are confident it is firmly secured

Step 7:Repeat this process until all pieces of your traction pad are secured to your board

Step 8:It is advised to allow the traction pad 12 hours to sit for maximum adhesion