The Surfboard Warehouse has perfected their packing process over the past 7 years and utilises the latest materials (tissue paper, polyethylene foam and cardboard) to ensure your board is securely packed to avoid potential transit damage.  As part of the packing process, two staff members carefully inspect each and every board to ensure they are defect free before they begin to pack your items.  Using a checklist, both staff ensure the correct items (fins, leashes, covers and accessories) accompany your board inside your board box.  Each and every board box is also clearly labelled for the courier with top load only and fragile glass item to reiterate its inherent fragilities.  Once complete, your package is picked up by the relevant courier service at the end of each work day.  The Surfboard Warehouse recommends purchasing freight insurance in order to have your item covered if transit damage does occur.

Accepting Delivery

The Surfboard Warehouse ensures all boards shipped are inspected prior to delivery and are packaged with clear handling guidelines. However, as freight is handled by third parties, we advise you to throughly inspect your Good(s) for damage in transit prior to acceptance. By attesting your signature you are confirming possession and accept your Good(s) as received. If you are unable to thoroughly inspect your Good(s) upon delivery, it is recommended that you clearly write “S.T.I” (Subject to Inspection) under your signature. Failing to do so may waive your rights to recover the costs of damage in transit.

if you've accepted delivery of your board and have an issue please click here for more information. 

Christmas Delivery

The Surfboard Warehouse ensures a timely turn around on the packing and distribution of all orders during the busy Christmas season. However due to the use of third party freight companies we cannot (solely) guarantee Christmas delivery for any orders that are placed in late December.

If, due to an unforseen situation, the 3rd party freight company is unable to deliver your package before Christmas, we will provide a PDF Christmas voucher for printing. This voucher can be gifted to your loved ones while they wait on delivery of goods.

As previously stated, we will endeavour to process all orders in a timely fashion and as productively as humanly possible. We appreciate your patience during the festive season and wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Freight – Warning: Risk Passes with property

Selecting the right courier agent is paramount to the protection of your Good(s) while in transit. It is understandable that this choice may not be so easy when each freight company offers different services, some with strengths and some weaknesses. However, to try to assist each customer in this important decision, Coastline Surf Australia Pty Ltd has sourced two of the most reliable, efficient and secure freight companies for you to consider. Alternatively, you can organise collection by a freight company of your choice and provide us with their details.

Whatever your decision, Coastline Surf Australia Pty Ltd highly recommends that all customers consider taking the time to compare your agents. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Checking and comparing the courier’s lead times;
  • Checking and comparing the company’s capabilities such as GPS tracking and inventory management;
  • Investigating all insurance details of each company;
  • Confirming the communication processes; and
  • Identifying the depot locations.

In doing so, you will be able to determine the right courier company that accommodates your needs. It would be time well spent to ensure that your agent delivers your Good(s) to the front door safe & sound.

Please be mindful that by selecting your choice of courier, it indicates that you agree delivery to you will occur when Coastline Surf Australia Pty Ltd place the Good(s) in the possession of your carrier. Title and risk of loss or damage with respect to your Good(s) will transfer to you upon delivery. For this reason we strongly recommend that you either independently arrange for the insurance of your Good(s) for their full value or purchase Coastline Surf Australia Pty Ltd Transit Insurance before you checkout.

Additional information:

For the complete terms and conditions of Direct Freight Express, go to:

For the complete terms and conditions of Mainstream, go to:


Freight Insurance Option - Terms & Conditions

Coastline Surf Australia Pty Ltd insures you against missing/lost or damaged goods as a direct result of any cause or event except where such loss or damage is excluded.

The Period of Insurance

Coastline Surf Australia Pty Ltd Insurance commences when your Goods are given to the Freight Agent (Carrier) and ceases when your Goods have arrived at your provided destination, has been unpacked and checked by you within the specified timeframes set out at clause 7.

2.The Costs

The cost of the Insurance fee will depend on the total purchase price of the Good(s) (“the receipt”). For Shortboards, the Insurance fee shall be $25.00. For Mini Mals, the insurance fee shall be $30.00. For Longboards, the insurance fee shall be $35.00. For Stand up paddleboards, the insurance fee shall be $45.00.

3.Conditions of cover

When Goods arrive: When your package is delivered to you, you will be asked to sign a delivery docket indicating that your delivery has been received and that there is nothing missing or damaged. You should not sign this unless you are satisfied that all your property has been received in good conditions. If you do not have sufficient time to check all your Goods, you can sign the delivery docket endorsing the words STI ‘subject to inspection’.


Insurance excludes loss, damage, destruction, cost or expense of any nature directly or indirectly caused by, contributed to by, resulting from, arising out of or in connection with any of the following, regardless of any other cause or event contributing concurrently or in any other sequence to the loss.

In no circumstance shall this insurance cover:

4.1.  Loss or damage caused by delay;

4.2. Loss or damage caused by your misconduct, or intentionally caused by you or any other person acting with your expressed or implied consent;

4.3.  Loss or damage caused by wear and tear, ordinary leakage, ordinary loss in weight or volume or inherent vice;

4.4.  Loss or damage caused by the nature of the Goods;

4.5  Loss or damage caused by theft;

4.6  Loss or damage caused in instances where an authority to leave is given;

4.7. Loss of use or any other consequential loss to your Goods;

4.8.  Loss or damage caused by legal seizure of the Goods;

4.9. Reduction in value of the insured Goods due to repairs; or

4.10 Re-delivery fees for the insured Goods



Monetary Limit: The insurance is limited to the sum specified on the customer’s receipt from purchasing the Goods.

6. Claims Conditions
Claims Procedure & Reporting: When loss or damage occurs which may give rise to a claim, you must take all reasonable and necessary steps to avert, prevent or minimise the loss or damage. You must notify us as soon as reasonable practicable and submit the full details of the particular claim via our website at:  Damage in Transit You must not authorise any repairs to the Goods without our consent.
7.Claim timeframes

7.2.1.Damaged Goods:If you receive your consignment damaged, but the damage is not apparent at the time of initial delivery, then you must submit a claim no later than 7 days from the date of your delivery. If done so within this timeframe, it will be deemed to have occurred during the period of transit. Absolutely no consideration whatsoever will be given to damaged Goods where damage is notified and/or discovered 7days after the delivery.

7.2.2.  Lost/Missing Goods: For all Claims relating to lost or missing Goods, you must submit a claim within 14 days, from the anticipated day/time of arrival. Absolutely no consideration whatsoever will be given to missing Goods where loss is not notified within 14days from the anticipated time of arrival.

8. Claims settlement

In the event of an eligible claim,Coastline Surf Australia Pty Ltd have the discretion of settling the loss or damage by repairing, replacing the insured good or payment to you. The outcome for damaged goods will depend on the severity of damage. In the event of lost Goods, we will either replace the Good or refund you (where no stock is available).