SUP Leg Ropes

Stand-up paddleboard leashes are essential safety accessories that keep you connected to your board in the water. They prevent your board from drifting away, reduce the risk of injury, and offer freedom of movement while maintaining a secure connection.



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A SUP leash, also known as a stand-up paddle board leg rope, is a vital accessory for any paddler. SUP leashes help keep paddlers connected to their board and prevent accidents in the water. Unlike traditional surfboard leg ropes, SUP leashes are typically longer to accommodate the added length of the board and the distance between the rider and board. There are a variety of SUP leash options available on the market, ranging from coiled to straight and varying in length and thickness. Choosing the right leash depends on a variety of factors, including the paddler's skill level, the size of the board, and the conditions they will be paddling in. Ultimately, a high-quality SUP leash is a necessary investment for any paddler to ensure their safety and make their time on the water as enjoyable as possible.