In this 13 part series 2x World Champion Beau Young will teach you everything you need to know to take your surfing skill to the next level and surf like a pro. Covering everything from setting up your board to performing a 360 and properly riding a barrel. Whether you've just starting out or have been surfing for years this series is for everyone and will be sure to teach you a thing or 13!!!


Beau will pass on his lifetime of surfing knowledge to give you 13 epic episodes of info teaching you -

1 Equipment and Setup Tips and Tricks
2 Caring for your Surfboard
3 Getting to your Feet
4 Advanced Paddling Techniques
5 Duck Dive & Eskimo Roll
6 Bottom Turn & Top Turns
7 Rock Jump
8 Tube Riding
9 Cross Step
10 Nose Ride & Hang Ten
11 Fin First Take Off
12 360 Spin
13 Kick Five