how to install single tab fins


  • Don't apply excess force
  • Don't over-tighten
  • Always ensure a firm fit before
  • Over-tightening can cause the screw
tip to strip in addition to the thread


  • Surfboard
  • Twin Tab Fin
  • Fin Key

Step 1:Start by loosening your single tab fin screws with a fin key.

Step 2:Identify each fin and its required location. The centre fin should sit up straight whilst the side fins should taper slightly towards the rail.

Step 3:Insert the fin into the fin box (tail end first) ensuring the fin locates into the groove.

Step 4:Once the tail of the fin is located, push the fin backwards and downwards to locate the fin into the fin box.

Step 5:Tighten fin screws for a firm fit.

Step 6:Go shred!