how to paddle

Here are some basic tips illustrating how to use and hold your paddle.

Step 1:Always remember that the paddles blade should be facing away from you. If you’re paddling on the right side, your top hand will be the left (and vice-versa). When gripping your paddle, wrap your hand around the top of the handle.

Step 2:Don’t be tempted to hold it with two hands on the shaft (like you would with a mop) as this will hinder your ability to paddle in a straight line.

Step 3:Insert the fin into the fin box (tail end first) ensuring the fin locates into the groove.

Step 4:When entering the blade into the water, extend your reach as far forward as comfortable and draw it back in s straight line towards your feet (parallel to your stand up paddle board). Take a few stroked on the one side and then switch to the other side, changing the position of your hands as you swap.

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