Wetsuit Warranty Exclusions

There is no warranty for products that have been repaired before consulting with The Surfboard Warehouse.


Wetsuits that have been altered in any way or repaired elsewhere
Damage caused by excessive exposure to sunlight
Damage caused by fin chop, Velcro, leg ropes, rocks, gravel or security tags
Damage caused by anything other than defects in the materials or the workmanship
Damage caused by improper handling or storage
Damage caused to wetsuits that have not been properly cared for
Failure to follow the instructions provided with the product
Damage caused by fingernails
Wetsuits that are samples, factory seconds or second hand
Wetsuits that have been used in commercial environments such as rental or instructing
Wetsuits that are clearly well worn and should be retired, or are showing symptoms such as cracked or dry neoprene
Wetsuits that were purchased more than 12 months ago
Damage caused from the Velcro located on the neck seal
Wetsuits without a valid receipt or proof of purchase