Island Mo-Twin Swallow Tail Hybrid - Custom

  • Island Mo-Twin Swallow Tail Hybrid - Custom


Island Mo-Twin Swallow Tail Hybrid - Custom

  • We personally handcraft your board, which takes 6-8 weeks. Please get in touch if you have any questions about your custom board.

    The Island Style Mo-Twin fuses some of the best characteristics of a modern performance shortboard with a retro inspired twin design. This board opens up a whole new world of fun and is designed to be used as a progressive performance twin shortboard that’ll handle anything from sucky beachies to long running points with ease. The Mo-Twin isn’t just a name sake, it's a twinny with attitude!

    The outline is an epic mix between hybrid performance up front which gives it a shortboard feel, and retro elements including the rear flyers just behind the front fins to reduce the tail surface area which increases response, adds bite and shortens the turning arc. Single concave gives this model the perfect mix between looseness and hold under load through bottom and top turns and powered up rail-to-rail turns.

    The Mo-Twin can be used with or without a stabiliser centre fin, and we highly recommend a more upright side fin template for all round use. This will produce exceptional drive from the take off and fast down-the-line speed. Adding the stabiliser will increase control in suckier wave conditions and enhance response even more for those critical situations.

    Made at the S-Lab facility on QLD's Gold Coast by experienced craftsmen, the Island Style Mo-Twin is constructed using the highest quality foam, composites, fibreglass and resins sourced from trusted suppliers. These boards are built to deliver optimum flex, performance, durability and clean aesthetics for your shedding pleasure.

    The Mo Twin Swallow Tail version reduces the tail surface area and thickness to maximise response and engagement in the waves face, meaning it will allow more powerful surfers to push through turns with confidence and control.

    Fins not included. Extra customisation options incur additional costs.

    Please be aware that due to the nature of the build process for these boards we cannot accept cancellations beyond 48 hours after the order has been placed.


    5'4 19 2  3/8


    5'6 19  1/4 2  7/16 28.41L
    5'8 19  1/2
    2  1/2 30.77L
    5'10 19  3/4 2  9/16 33.24L
    6'0 20
    2  11/16 35.85L
    6'2 20  1/4 2  3/4




    Weight Beginner Intermediate Advanced
    < 50KG 6'0 5'6 5'4
    50-60KG 6'0 5'10 5'6
    60-70KG 6'2 5'10 5'6
    70-80KG 6'2 5'10 5'6
    80-90KG 6'2 6'0 5'10
    90-100KG 6'2 6'0 6'0



    Specification Description
    Skill Level
    Construction PU Foam / 4oz + 4oz deck Tail Patch / 4oz Bottom
    Rocker Medium to Low Entry
    Concave Single
    Rail Type
    Fin Configuration

    Tri Fin Configuration - Fusion plugs

    Tail Type Swallow
    Care Instructions

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