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The S-Lab is a creative space for our designers, shapers, scientists, engineers and technicians to experiment with the latest materials, production techniques and shape files. This facility allows our team to research and develop in a controlled environment ensuring our products meet stringent benchmarks and quality control measures.

Physically, the S-Lab occupies more than to 4,000sqft of space in our Gold Coast head office. This facility has dedicated sectors for design, shaping, photos, film and rigorous product testing. The purpose of the S-Lab is to develop, hone and refine our products to ensure we remain at the forefront of innovation, quality control and product development within the surf industry.

The S-Lab isn't just a space; it's a reflection of our constant commitment to PROGRESSION.



Every board we produce is designed right here in The S-Lab. It all begins with an idea, a challenge and a chance to create something new and exciting for our followers. Using the latest CAD based software allows our lead designers and co-shapers to easily explore and manipulate board shapes in real time with extreme precision…. This is where your board's journey begins.



The Art department in S-Lab brings your board to life with artistic flare. Our team of talented artists designs every visual element from the ground up working synonymously with our shapers to ensure consistency in our product objectives. The team starts with a sketch pad and hand draws all model logos and design elements which are then transferred to a digital format to speed up production. The end result is a board that not only rides well but looks the part.



The S-Lab has its own content creation department which allows for the seamless transition of products to market. With dedicated photographers, videographers and team riders each and every product is tested and shot providing an in-depth view of how the product looks and performs.



In The S-Lab we are constantly experimenting with custom materials and new equipment to produce our boards. We work closely with material manufacturers to explore the various strengths and weakness of a variety of material compositions and weaves to ensure our products are at the forefront of board construction. Every element of production is tested extensively and the design is painstakingly refined and modified until our company's benchmarks are attained.

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Stringent quality control measures are implemented during every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure our products meet our manufacturing guidelines.

The S-Lab uses state of the art ground breaking technology to test and examine every element of a board's construction. S-Lab Technicians complete ultrasonic not destruct tests (UNDT's), composite tests and density tests on every product allotment to ensure the highest levels of quality control.

Other tests performed for quality assurance purposes are as follows:

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