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Product Description

Vessel’s latest Zephyr is a “must have” fun board. You only have to watch 2x World Champion, Beau Young destroy waves on this half carbon hybrid to see the Zephyr’s full potential (check the video on this page). These boards are awesome in all waves and are addictive to surf! The all new reinforced carbon deck allows amazing flex qualities with extra drive when top-to-bottom surfing.

Surf the Zephyr surfboard from 1-6 feet and feel the speed generated by this performance machine. The fuller nose puts volume forward, allowing for maximum planing and wave catching. The double concave blending to a 'V' provides lift and easy rail-to-rail transitions. The double flyer blending into a round tail allows the board to hold tight through power turns. A thruster (3 fin) setup comes included, but we highly recommend upgrading your fins and trying it as a quad as well.


Length Width Thickness Volume
5'4 20 2  1/2 28.6L
5'6 20  1/4 2  9/16 30.3L
5'8 20  1/2 2  5/8 32.4L
5'10 20  3/4 2  11/16 34.8L
6'0 21 2  13/16 38.1L
6'2 21  1/2 2  7/8 40.7L
6'4 21  5/8 2  7/8 42.8L


Skill Level Intermediate - Advanced
Construction PU Foam / 4oz + 3/4 carbon + 4oz deck / 6oz bottom
Rocker Medium entry
Concave Single to Double
Rail Type Soft 40/60
Fins 5 Fin Configuration
Twin Tab
Tail Type Rounded with Double Flyers
Care Instructions View a copy of our Product Care Manual

Product Reviews

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  1. Awesome

    Posted by Alistair on 11th Oct 2017

    Beginner surfer but don’t really have the cash to buy a long board and also a shorter one for when I progress. Decided to go for this after reading the reviews and it’s awesome. Can’t get enough of it!!

  2. Great board for an older bloke

    Posted by Nathan Mansfield on 4th Jul 2017

    I was finding it harder getting into waves on the traditional shortboard as I have gotten older and heavier. The Zephyr is awesome with more density up front giving great paddle power and buoyancy. Getting into the waves earlier means less late drops, more waves and more fun. I'm riding the Zephyr 4" shorter than the old board too.


    Posted by Lars on 30th Apr 2017

    I was confident after some researching and reading all the reviews, and after getting my zephyr this week (at a steal on sale under $400), I have just surfed for 4.5 hours in glassy 4+ ft walls down here in Vic. Best session for me for a while and I can honestly say best board I've ridden in a while. I'm 5'10, 77kg, a solid intermediate surfer, and I'm ecstatic about this board. Even though I chose this board as a fun board "back-up" summer groveller with about 3 extra litres than I've been riding for a while, this board is no back up, this will be my winter one- board- quiver for sure!! So fast, stable turns on a dime if need be - my drawn out cut backs never felt so good. Not to mention the speed down the line and the jet- like push it provided getting around sections and coming out of the wash - caught me out a couple of times, but other than that I've never adapted to a new board so fast. As Beau Young says on his you-tube clip, this is a MUST HAVE fun board. I will be recommending this highly to everyone!
    I bought an amazing grace for my aspiring missus from the Noosa store last year, and was very impressed. I'm only more so now. Hats off Surfboard Warehouse, you are onto something here, I agree with everyone thus far, great service great products and unbeatable value. My V3 rocket and Lost Subscorcher will be gathering dust this winter. Seriously, at under half the price of big name "brand" boards which I'm usually a slave to, why would you look elsewhere??? pretty sure I won't be from now on!!

  4. Best board ever!!!!

    Posted by Cai on 29th Mar 2017

    Hi, my dad bought a 6fter and it the best board ever. It handles 6ft surf no problems. I will get one again. For its price it is one sick stick.

  5. Perfect Timing

    Posted by Daniel on 10th Mar 2017

    The team at Surfboard Warehouse were really helpful in guiding me to the right size for this board. I was super impressed with how quick the turnaround from purchase to delivery was. I was hitting the surf within 2 days. The board is an absolute gem and well worth its value.
    Thank you SW team.

  6. Absolutely recommended!

    Posted by James on 4th Mar 2017

    Can't speak highly enough of this board. Despite the super cheap price this board feels very durable and very well made! it's so comfortable to ride and it really is a wave catching machine! the way the width and thickness peaks around your chest make it feel like you're on a minimal despite only being 6'4" I think i may have to buy another one but slightly smaller! not to mention the delivery time was absolutely awesome, only took 3 working days and i was out enjoying it!

  7. You gotta get one.

    Posted by Jimmy Gain on 15th Dec 2016

    Have just bought my second Vessel board and cannot speak highly enough about their performance. Have been surfing the 6'2" which is great but decided to drop down to the 5'10". such a responsive board. Have 10 boards in my garage but all I seem to surf lately are the Zephyrs'. Took the 6'2" to Indo in Aug/Sep and handled everything thrown at it. I am 70 yrs of age and find that I can still surf these boards with no problems. The Surfboard Warehouse is great with good quick delivery times. Would highly recommend.

  8. It's Good!

    Posted by RH on 23rd Aug 2016

    Very happy with this board! Fast and fun! Go one size smaller than your thinking, there's plenty of width and volume through the nose. Very easy to paddle and get waves. The delivery was very easy and fast!! Couldn't fault it.


    Posted by Unknown on 4th Aug 2016

    Paddles easy, turns great and holds in the steeper sections as well as cruising through the fatter bits. Used in 2ft slop and 7ft peaks. Surfed it at points and beach breaks. Excellent value for money and will defiantly buy another one when i've overused my current one. (board 5'10, I weigh 68kg's, probably could of gone the 5'8)

  10. Punches above it's price tag!

    Posted by Dez Robertson - Newcastle on 22nd Jul 2016

    Just had my 3rd surf on this board and even though I'm in my 50s, I'm grinning like a surf-stoked grom again! This board is incredible. I've surfed it twice as a quad and once as a thruster and so far in waves ranging from 2 - 4 foot, the quad setup is winning in the performance category, but only just. The drive I'm getting off the bottom turns on quads is mind-blowing and the speed it generates on the open face is exhilarating. All up, I have to say that in 30+ years of surfing, this is one of the most fun boards I've surfed - period! I got the 6 footer, but could have easily gone smaller with the amount of float in these boards. Catching waves is a breeze and duck-diving is no hassle even with the volume. I can see this being my go-to board for a long, long time. Talk about value for money! Great service too. Well done team, love your work!

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