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Zephyr - Hybrid Shortboard

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Product Description

The Vessel Zephyr is a “must have” fun board.

The Zephyr is fast becoming one of the most popular hybrid funboards in the surf industry today. Its impressive shape will see you cutting through fat sections with ease, flying down the line with increased speed and precision and catching more waves then you ever imagined. 

Its shape is extremely unique with carefully thought out volume distribution which not only offers improved paddle power but also less drag and more lift to ensure your surfing can be taken to the next level. The plan shape has been refined and tweaked over the past year with the introduction of S*LAB’s Computational Fluid Dynamics testing (CFD). This technology has helped fine tune the boards shape to ensure maximum speed, manoeuvrability and surfing capability.

The Zephyr features a low entry rocker for wave catching potential, a wider outline for stability and control and an aggressive double flyer to rounded pin tail for which allows the board to hold tight through power turns. The fuller nose also puts volume forward, allowing for maximum glide, drive and wave catching.

The board is constructed using carbon infused cloth which covers the deck stand area and provides amazing flex qualities with extra drive when top-to-bottom surfing. The board comes with a 5 fin configuration and performs well as both a thruster, quad or even twin fin.  

These boards are awesome in all wave conditions and are extremely addictive to surf!

Best suited for Beginners to Experienced users who want forgiving, fast and progressive hybrid funboard


Length Width Thickness Volume
5'4 20 2  1/2 28.6L
5'6 20  1/4 2  9/16 30.3L
5'8 20  1/2 2  5/8 32.4L
5'10 20  3/4 2  11/16 34.8L
6'0 21 2  13/16 38.1L
6'2 21  1/2 2  7/8 40.7L
6'4 21  5/8 2  7/8 42.8L
6'8 22 3 47.59L


Weight Beginner Intermediate Advanced
< 50KG 6'2 5'4 5'4
50-60KG 6'4 5'6 5'4
60-70KG 6'4 5'8 5'4
70-80KG 6'4 5'10 - 6'0 5'6 - 5'8
80-90KG 6'4 6'0 - 6'2 5'8 - 5'10
90-100KG 6'8 6'2 - 6'4 5'10 - 6'0
100-110KG 6'8 6'4 6'2 - 6'4
> 110KG  6'8 6'8 6'4


Specification Description
Skill Level Intermediate - Advanced
Construction PU Foam / 4oz + 3/4 carbon + 4oz deck / 6oz bottom  / Innegra Tail Patch
Rocker Medium entry
Concave Single to Double
Rail Type Soft 40/60
Fin Configuration 5 Fin Configuration
Twin Tab
Complimentary Fins 3 Fin (Thruster) TSBW Starter Fin Set
Tail Type Rounded with Double Flyers
Care Instructions View a copy of our Product Care Manual
Board Advice Learn more about Board Types, Construction and Specifications here

Product Reviews

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  1. Kook

    Posted by Clint on 17th Jan 2020

    I surfed a lot 10 years ago and have just started getting back into it, 6,0 zephyr it is, I’m 5,11 and 82kgs, this board is a perfect stick for the job, a bit on the heavy side compared to my other short board but I think it’s a good thing for my ability at the moment, paddles great, duck dives well, and only surfed it once but was good on late take offs and slow sections, I give honest reviews and can say that I was looking at a lost psycho killer in a similar size, has a bit less volume than the zephyr but the price sold me and I’m not disappointed at all I’ll be buying another board off these lads for sure. Shipping wise I ordered it at the end of the year, got a phone call 3 days later saying it’d be delayed 5 days due to stock, the board was delivered within 3 days, great service lads.

  2. Great transition board

    Posted by Fam on 2nd Jan 2020

    I'm 170cm / 62 kg, female and unfortunately a weekend warrior. I wanted to transition from a mini Mal to shortboard, so I rang up to get advice on which board to choose. I told the guy I needed the following in a board:
    - Needs to be easy to transition to from mini Mal for a Beginner/Intermediate level person;
    - Needs to paddle onto the wave easily because I don't have much paddle-power;
    - Needs to have enough volume for getting onto the wave, but be able to duck dive too;
    - As I am on a budget and can't afford a quiver, it will need to go on pretty much any type of wave.
    The 6'2 Zephyr delivers on all of the above. I've taken it out 3 times now and have caught waves from 3 to 5 ft, including fat and slow beach breaks. The board is fast and easy to ride. Paddling onto the wave is doable and thank god I can duck dive now, so I don't drown at Bells. I have it set up as at thruster, but I swapped out the fins immediately, as the ones it comes with are cheap and nasty plastic ones.
    All in all very happy with my purchase and the advice I got over the phone. I would definitely buy here again.

  3. Noobie

    Posted by Sean on 4th Jul 2019

    Only been at it for a short while and I am an older guy of 50. The 6’8 has given me the freedom to easily get on a wave of various sizes and it handles with ease..... Lovin my new hobby and lovinn the board!

  4. Awesome ride

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Jun 2019

    I've had 6 months of riding on this board now and I think its awesome. Paddling and manoeuvrability is awesome, has great float for heavier set guys and is just fun to ride every time.
    I've tried it as a quad setup and thruster and I think I like the thruster setup better, it handles better in bigger surf and has a great "flow" feeling when on the face. Would definitely recommend

  5. Great for the price

    Posted by Brendan on 27th May 2019

    Easy to paddle and catch waves, got me back into surfing after taking a few years off. Awesome for the Beg/Intermediate range of surfer.

  6. Fantastic Board...

    Posted by Nikki Bernia on 20th May 2019

    Purchased the Zephyr 6'4 a few weeks back and it did not disappoint. Best surf I've had in a long time, so much fun. I'm female, 72kg 164cm tall.
    Great board very happy with the performance and design.

  7. Excellent board!

    Posted by Unknown on 12th May 2019

    Board arrived to my home in SA in 4 days. Just surfed it for the first time and it went better than I could have imagined. Highly recommend getting one of these!

  8. Great board for price

    Posted by Craig on 28th Dec 2018

    Great board for the price, arrived relatively early. 10/10 for costumer service and would recommend to anyone chasing a cheaper fun board!


    Posted by Unknown on 26th Oct 2018

    Enjoying riding it so far. Changed out the fins for some glass ones straight away, but seems to be holding up nicely. Thanks to the team for awesome customer services!

  10. Awesome little board!!

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Oct 2018

    Great to have as a go too in small conditions

  11. Indo One Board Quiver!

    Posted by Dave on 29th Sep 2018

    Me - 49 yrs 75kgs 175cm (Competent surfer, but not an aerial shredder and getting slower in paddle power dept!)
    This is my 2nd TSBW board. I have a Tajen 5'10 for small and clean head to head and half waves, and bought the Zephyr 6'4 for a bigger wave/easy paddle high volume.
    Went to Indo with both boards. Looooong left break - 150m++ rides (200m++ paddles!)
    First impressions - The Zephyr at 6'4 is a big girl! But, easy paddle, quick on waves, easy to duck dive. Riding - Love being back on a PU board!!!!! Smooth - silky smooth and fast. Such a different feel from Epxoy which can be "on the wave" rather "with the wave" - if that makes sense? My mate took a 6'4 Hypto Krypto - and it unfortunately felt like a big fat pig :-(. Wheras the Zephyr is sweet - and half the price!
    Conditions went from double head to waist high - and although I should have taken out my 5'10 Tajen on some smaller clean sessions - I took the Zephyr and it just works in everything. A bit fat for the tiny stuff if its a steep face, but can ride anything.
    My dilema now.....
    Do I get another Zephyr in 5'8 or 5/10? This would cover almost everything.
    Or keep 5'10 Tajen and 6'4 Zephyr, and get a 5'8 or 5'10 Eco Bean for everyday slop and avoid the mini mal path????
    Either way - happy with all boards so far.

  12. Good Cheap Fun!

    Posted by Phil on 15th Jun 2018

    This board is super fun to ride. Loose, fast and easy to catch waves on. I've been riding it almost every day for the last month and Its my new favourite board. Being a polyurethane board its covered in pressure dings already from normal use, and the fins that come with it are garbage, so you'll need better fins straight up, but for the price you can't really complain. If only they'd make the same board with better materials i'd gladly pay more
    because the shape is killer!!

  13. Life changing

    Posted by Heath Dye on 12th Jun 2018

    The zephyr has regained my ocean draw.i am 45yrs old ,Brocken 2 vertebrae’s and hip rotor cup and have had oesophageal cancer (which makes it hard to lay flat and paddle.this board has regained my confidence in the water with its ease of paddling and goes well in 3’ft slop - 6’ft west Oz juice .i can’t recommend this board enough & the service was amazing.thanks guys

  14. Wowza!!

    Posted by Peter on 31st May 2018

    Fast and loose .... like my GFs. Funnest board I've owned. Get into it. Your wave count will double.

  15. Wowza!!

    Posted by Cox on 30th May 2018

    Wasn't expecting much but the board goes like a weapon. So friggn early onto waves and loose as a goose. Just love it.

  16. Great board

    Posted by Unknown on 25th May 2018

    What a board Fast rail to rail Hangs in there in steep sections. Get into it!!!

  17. Excellent Board

    Posted by Sean on 2nd May 2018

    For anybody who loves a hybrid the 2018 Zephyr is a very decent little board. This board is LIGHT but with enough fatness to make paddling a breeze and it’s still super easy to duck dive. I am 5’11.5” and 82kg so got the 5’10 at 34L and this was a perfect fit for me. I’m using medium fins in thruster config. I wouldn’t even bother with the quad personally. This board can be ridden pretty aggressively and can manage some fairly tight manoevres on 1-6ft days. The biggest let down for me is the FCS 1 fin box. If you can over look this factor then definitely grab this board. For the price, this board is well worth it and actually looks more we’ll made than what I would have expected for what I paid.

    I’m giving this 5 stars based on the customer service and that I’m overall satisfied with my purchase. If asked to critically rate this board comparative to others in the same class I would give it an easy 8/10

  18. Great board

    Posted by Max on 26th Apr 2018

    Only have tested board in waist high waves, however it went really well. Great board for someone who is after performance but wants to surf waves that your usual performance board would struggle in. Also seems a great allrounder for a heavier person.

  19. In love

    Posted by Wayne on 22nd Apr 2018

    After my first surf on the Zephyr, i said to my wife I'm in love with someone else. So easy to paddle and manoeuvre, really fun board.

  20. Best Funboard

    Posted by Armand on 9th Apr 2018

    What an awesome fun board the Zephyr is! Received it within 2days and I live in Regional SA.
    Took it out for a surf for the first time on the weekend and coming off a 7'6 minimal, my 6'4 Zephyr was so much fun and so easy to paddle, duck dive and turn! Highly recommend this board for anyone looking to have fun and so easy to ride!

  21. Great board

    Posted by Rob on 8th Mar 2018

    Really loved using this board. Loads of fun had in lots of different conditions while on the south west coast of WA

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