how to attach a leg rope

A legrope is an important piece of surfing equipment that keeps you attached to your surfboard. Without one, your board could become a projectile object in the surf and injure another surfer. You might also be in for a long swim to the beach if you get separated from your board.



  • Ensure the leash rope is double looped
  • If installed correctly the rail save will
protect the edge of your board
  • Check the velcro bond before each surf


  • Surfboard
  • A leg rope (otherwise known as a leash)
  • A leg rope string

Step 1:Start by threading the leash string through the plug at the rear of the board

Step 2:Once through, grab both ends and pull up creating two even loops

Step 3:Squeeze the loops together to allow the leash to pass through

Step 4:Undo leash velcro and feed the end through both loop holes.

Step 5:Fold over your velcro, incasing the knot. The velcro will fold in three separate stages for a secure bond.

Step 6:After assembly, check that the velcro section (or more commonly known as the rail saver) is the only section touching the rail of your board.