how to apply wax

The surface of a surfboard is slippery. Thus, it is essential to apply surfboard wax to the deck of your board so your feet will grip to your deck while you’re surfing. Waxing a surfboard is simple if you follow these 5 easy steps.


  • Reapply wax before each surf
  • Remove and replace wax every 2-3 months
  • use a hard base coat and then a top coat for best results.


  • Surfboard
  • 1 block of wax
  • Wax comb

Step 1:Your wax needs to be applied to a clean, dry and dust free surface. If it’s a new surfboard you’ll need to wipe over the deck to remove dust. If it is a used board, removal of the old wax prior to application is required.

Step 2:Where you apply wax will depend on the board length and style. Longboards and mini mals will require wax application from tip to tail, however shortboards and funboards will only require wax to be applied three quarters from the tail of your board.

Step 3:Hold the wax loosely and draw even diagonal lines across the board using the outside edge of the wax block. Repeat this in the opposite direction, creating a criss-cross pattern.

Step 4:Hold the wax lightly using the flat surface. Run the was in circular motion in all directions until small beads of wax appear on the boards surface.

Step 5:After every surf is is advised to reapply a top coat of wax before your next surf. This will ensure you have enough stickiness on the deck of your board. If you don’t have wax with you, a wax comb can be used to rough up the wax surface.